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Universal Student Exchange was founded by Rafael Espinoza in 1999 in Lima, Peru. In our first year USE sent 52 students to the United States on the Work and Travel Program. Now the company sends over 3,000 students each year to the United States to work in entry-level positions in the areas of customer service, hospitality, and tourism. Offices have now expanded to Chile and Argentina, with 4 offices across the continent

USE is the only business of its kind based in South America that has native and near-native English speakers conducting interviews prior to participation and managing all client accounts. The Employer Services team consists of 4 Account and Sales Managers in 2 countries. In total, USE has a staff of close to 50, all working together to create positive experiences for both employers and participants.

USE Programs began with the Winter Work and Travel Program in the United States, recruiting students from South America. Today, USE recruits for the Summer Work and Travel, Internship and Trainee programs in the US and Canada as well as outbound Language programs and inbound Internship and Volunteer programs.


Our Commitment

    Our Commitment
  • Positive Experience: That every employer and participant that comes in contact with USE has a positive experience.

  • Management of Expectations: That all clients have a clear and accurate picture of what their experience will be like and feel adequately prepared for it.

  • Healthy Partnership: That our relationship contributes to business productivity and success for both companies.

Growth of the Company

Growth of the Company

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